Toyota Canada’s Upcoming Electric Models

Toyota Canada's Upcoming Electric Models - OAT

Toyota is a leader in hybrid technology, introducing the Prius over two decades ago and following it up with many more hybrid models, as well as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). However, the automaker has much more in store. For 2022 and beyond, Toyota is doubling down on its efforts to electrify its vehicles and identify other power sources.

Toyota is introducing two new vehicles to its lineup this year, continuing its record of capability and environmental consciousness. One is a Toyota electric SUV--the 2022 Toyota bZ4X. This all-new, all-electric SUV is loaded with Toyota's advanced technology and innovative designs. The other addition is a Toyota hydrogen fuel cell car--the 2022 Toyota Mirai. Both offer zero emissions and unlimited potential to drivers.


2022 Toyota bZ4X

The power and promise of the Toyota bZ4X lie in its quiet operation, lack of emissions, smooth performance, and instant acceleration. The next step in Toyota's electrification journey, the bZ4X is bold and provocative under the hood, in its high-tech features, and with its style. First things first--driving range is always top of mind for drivers looking to switch to pure electric. Front-wheel models of the bZ4X have an estimated range of up to 400 km on a single charge. All-wheel drive (AWD) models will likely have a lower range, estimated to be around 320 km though Toyota has not yet made a formal announcement.

The bZ4X includes enough of Toyota's signature style to make it instantly recognisable as a Toyota, but it adds in futuristic, edgy styling as part of an aerodynamic design that helps to reduce energy consumption. Outside and inside, Toyota pays close attention to every detail of the bZ4X.

Every detail of the interior is engineered to create a sense of connection between you and the car. The driver-centric design allows you to feel like the car is an extension of yourself. This is true of the technology as well--the bZ4X includes state-of-the-art technology, including a multimedia system that offers interaction through not only touch and voice but sight as well.

In addition to being available as a FWD SUV, the bZ4X is also available with Toyota's all-new AWD system, which features both X-MODE and Grip-Control for confident off-road performance. It also ensures safer driving in all weather conditions, which is important for drivers braving Canada's unpredictable winters. Safer driving is also ensured through Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0), which is the automaker's most advanced suite of active safety features yet. It makes its debut on the bZ4X.

Toyota bZ4X - Oakville Toyota

2022 Toyota Mirai

Toyota is not just focused on electricity for the future of its power sources. The automaker has spent years developing hydrogen fuel cell technology to implement in a vehicle that is so clean that it emits only water from its tailpipe. This is the 2022 Toyota Mirai. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and its clean and efficient use is just the start of why it is such an ideal power source. In a fuel cell vehicle like the Mirai, electricity is produced onboard, supplying the electric motor as needed while excess energy is stored in a compact battery pack. Zero emissions are also a benefit of a hydrogen fuel cell car--the 2022 Toyota Mirai emits only water from its tailpipe.

The Mirai is a powerful and engaging car, pushing you to 182 eHP with ease. It also lets you travel up to 647 km on a full tank, which bests many EVs on the market. And refueling is incredibly simple at a hydrogen pump. It takes only five minutes to fill the carbon-fiber reinforced tanks.

The Mirai is a sporty and sleek sedan that features a coupe-inspired design. Toyota engineered it with aerodynamic lines to reduce drag and enhance fuel efficiency. Its rigid body and low centre of gravity allow for a more intimate connection between you and the road, and a new rear-wheel-drive platform from Toyota delivers exceptional grip. Drive modes--Eco, Sport, and Normal--change the Mirai's driving dynamics to suit your mood or your moment on the road.

Inside, the Mirai is exceptionally advanced, with high-tech features including a premium audio display that includes a hydrogen fuel station locator app. The sedan is just as advanced in terms of safety, featuring the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ suite of innovative active safety features including lane tracing assist, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection and bicycle detection, dynamic radar cruise control, and more.

Toyota Mirai - Oakville Toyota

The Most Technologically Advanced Toyotas Ever

The 2022 Toyota bZ4X and the 2022 Toyota Mirai are the most technologically advanced vehicles that Toyota has ever produced. Dedicated to creating more environmentally conscious vehicles, the inclusion of a fully electric SUV and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle puts Toyota ahead of many of its competitors. Both vehicles also feature brand-new styling elements, driving systems, and high-tech features.

Technologically Advanced Electric Toyota  - Oakville Toyota

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