Top 5 Places to Visit Near Oakville

Top 5 Places to Visit Near Oakville - Oakville Toyota

As Ontario's largest town, Oakville is a destination that offers experiences for everyone. It is part of the Greater Toronto Area, one of the most densely populated areas of Canada, and has a population of approximately 210,000. Located right on Lake Ontario, Oakville is known for its picturesque harbors, active arts community, vibrant shopping districts, and fantastic dining options.

Oakville is a great place to experience the natural beauty of Canada without going deep into the wilderness. Here are the top five places to visit near Oakville.


Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Located in Oakville, Bronte Creek Provincial Park is the perfect place to get out and enjoy some fresh air. It is a great choice for families, thanks to the Nature Centre, which offers interactive exhibits and experiences focused on Bronte Creek's habitats and the wildlife that lives there. Other family-friendly activities include the Recreation Complex, which is home to one of the biggest outdoor pools in the country and features 1.8 acres of water play area. The Play Barn at Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a huge play area for kids that want to jump, climb, play, and have fun. It is also housed in a 150-year-old barn, embracing local history.

Beyond the kid-focused areas, Bronte Creek Provincial Park offers four nature trails, a campground, and many fishing holes along Bronte Creek. While perfect for a summer getaway, Bronte Creek Provincial Park also offers a full day of winter adventures, including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park - Oakville -  Oakville Toyota

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is in Caledon, Ontario, less than an hour from Oakville. It is part of the Ontario Parks system and the Niagara Escarpment biosphere. This hiking oasis boasts five trails that go through rolling meadows and escarpments with the added bonus of waterfall views and abandoned mill ruins.

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is unique in having local trails, the famous Bruce Trail, and the Trans Canada Trail all cutting through the park. The Trans Canada Trail allows horseback riding for those who want to see the view from a different position. Part of the Credit River runs through the park, and if you want great views of Cataract Falls, the Dominion Trail is the one to take.

Rattlesnake Point

One of the most scenic locations in Ontario, Rattlesnake Point spans roughly one hundred square kilometres across and near the Niagara Escarpment. It gets its name from the snake-like path cut by glaciers along the edges of the Escarpment, and it is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area.

You can camp overnight at one of the 17 campsites or simply enjoy a day trip hiking one of the three trails--like the short Vista Adventure or the longer Nassagaweya Canyon trail to Crawford Lake. While hiking and camping are all well and good, Rattlesnake Point offers something other locales do not--rock climbing. There are three designated sites for rock climbers to test their skills on the limestone cliffs, and they are already fitted with bolts for top-rope anchors.

Rattlesnake Point- Oakville - Oakville Toyota

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area

The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area is located near the village of Warsaw, Ontario, Canada, approximately two hours from Oakville. While there are many above-ground wonders to behold across Ontario, the Warsaw Caves offer an underground experience that you won't soon forget. The Warsaw Caves are a group of seven caverns in the limestone rock which underlies the whole area. The caves have long passageways and small open areas, which are accessible to spelunkers and fairly flexible day-trippers.

The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area boasts the caverns, as well as 15 kilometres of hiking trails, a 52-site campground, three group campsites, a beach and swimming area, and canoe rentals. The area is a perfect location for a day of outdoor adventure and exploration--there is no other place near Oakville that is as mysterious and majestic.

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area - Oakville - Oakville Toyota

Tooth of Time Waterfall

Located about an hour outside of Oakville in the town of Elora, you will find the Tooth of Time Waterfall. Here, the Grand River slides down about 25 feet into the Elora Gorge, creating the Elora Gorge Waterfall. In the middle of the falls is a small island called the "Tooth of Time," hence the waterfall's nickname as the "Tooth of Time Waterfall."

The waterfall is the only significant waterfall in Ontario that is in the Lake Erie Watershed, and it is a magnificent sight to behold. It is popular with kayakers, who bravely ride down its chute, which can be calm on good days or turbulent during periods of heavy rain. There are beautiful walking spaces that wind around the gorge and through Elora, which allow you to take in the elegant scenery and idyllic town.

Oakville is a fantastic destination for anyone that wants a home base in the Greater Toronto Area and the ability to explore the beauty that Ontario has to offer.


Tooth of Time Waterfall - Oakville - Oakville Toyota

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