Winter Tires In Oakville

winter tires at Oakville Toyota
winter tires at Oakville Toyota

As winter slowly sneaks into our seasonal calendar, you don’t want to be caught off guard with insufficient tires that fail in handling snowy roads and ice-cold temperatures. The only way to maximize your safety this season is to upgrade your Toyota with a set of winter tires. There are myriad benefits to installing these specialized tires on your Toyota this season, and the expert team at Oakville Toyota, is ready and willing to help prepare you for the winter ahead.

Vehicle handling is immediately improved when all four wheels are equipped with winter tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index. Winter tires can also conquer more than just snowy roads. They also adjust to the frigid temperatures of the winter season, retaining their elasticity when the thermometer drops below seven degrees Celsius. In turn, this can help improve overall stopping distances. To optimize your control and stability, both Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada recommend that you install your winter tires in sets of four.

Also, keep in mind that standard or “all-season” tires will not offer the same protection and durability as specifically designed winter tires. With all this on the line, don’t sacrifice any confidence on your tire purchase. Come to our Toyota dealership and our service technicians can provide you with the optimum winter tire options for your vehicle. We’re winter tire experts at Oakville Toyota, which means we’re dedicated to providing you with top-notch service and OEM parts to maneuver your way through winter unscathed. Book an appointment now at Oakville Toyota!

We all know that Canadian winter weather conditions can make daily driving a challenge. That’s why winter tires are beneficial for your safety and the safety of others. Before you make a winter tire selection, be sure to find out what tire types work best for the vehicle you have.

We’ve put together some of the frequently asked questions and answers so that you can feel confident in your tire selection as the weather starts to cool down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all-terrain tires provide the same benefit as winter tires?

All-terrain tires can perform on most road surfaces and most weather conditions; however, they are not a suitable replacement for winter tires in winter road conditions. Winter tires are designed to withstand lower temperatures and will perform better in than all-terrain tires in snowy weather conditions.

Do all four winter tires need to be the same make?

It’s important to use tires of the same brand and tread on all four wheels. This ensures that you have the best road traction in winter weather conditions. Using different tires can even negatively impact traction on dry roads. For the best wheel performance in any weather condition, use the same tread and brand of tire.

Is it okay to drive winter tires in the summer?

We strongly recommend against driving your winter tires throughout the summer. Although winter tires are designed to withstand cold temperatures, they are not designed for the summer heat. Additionally, winter tire treads are designed to provide more grip on snow and ice. Driving them in the summer will add wear and tear, thinning the tires and, as a result, will provide less traction for the following winter.

Where can I find the best brands for my winter tires?

At Oakville Toyota, we offer an extensive selection of tires from Canada’s best-selling brands. We invite you to use our tire tool, which will give you tire options based on the make, model and year of your vehicle. You’ll also be backed by Toyota’s Price Match Promise. If you find a better price for the tires we offer, we’ll match it.