Why does my car need A/C Refresher Service?

Toyota A/C Refresher Service

The A/C system generates condensation during the normal process of refrigeration. Its main component, the evaporator case, houses the part of the system that cools the air to your desired temperature. It also happens to be a cool, dark, and wet compartment creating an environment for the potential growth of mold and mildew.

• Growth of mold and mildew is exacerbated as temperatures and the humidity rise.
• Drivers set the A/C system on Max air or recirculation and tend to leave it there allowing virtually no fresh air to get mixed in.
• There are many surfaces where the moisture takes longer to dry and/or may not dry between vehicle use.
• The new car smell dissipates after a year or so allowing for other odours to become noticeable.

The Toyota A/C Refresher Kit (2-item kit):

A/C Power Foam (item 1):
This high-performance product is a heavy-duty detergent coil cleaner that foams up during application. It is injected through the A/C drain tube and the foam absorbs dirt and other residues. It then breaks down into a liquid and drains back out of the drain tube.
This draining process takes out the contaminants in one easy operation. It is fortified with corrosion inhibitors to prevent degradation of metal, stainless steel, brass, plastics, or other materials in and around the area. The clinging foam is completely self-rinsing on condensation producing coils as the system is operated during normal use.

A/C ConditionAire (item 2):
This product is used to clean and freshen the air ducts in the system and eliminate odours.

For best results A/C units should be cleaned with this refresher service periodically, leaving a fresh clean scent-free odour. This presents a good opportunity to inspect/replace the cabin air filter if necessary.