Value your Trade

Yes! We'll pay you for your used vehicle! All years, makes, and models are welcome. Great value. No purchase necessary.

Whether you’re searching for a New Toyota or a pre-owned vehicle, you can offset the cost with a Trade-In. Find out what your vehicle is worth with our Instant Trade-In Value Calculator Tool below!

We’ll do our best to present a fair value for your Toyota Trade-In, but keep in mind this is only an estimate. You will still need to bring your vehicle in person for us to give you an accurate price. At Oakville Toyota, you can expect a thorough inspection of your car for a competitive offer based on the current condition of your vehicle, plus the market value of similar models.

Try our Trade-In Tool! You’ll get an instant cash value for your vehicle when you use our Toyota Trade-In Value Calculator! Just fill out basic vehicle information like year, make, model and kilometers and you’re done. Once we receive your details, someone from our team will get the Toyota Trade-In process started for you. If you have any questions about your trade, contact us at Oakville Toyota today! We look forward to getting you behind the wheel of your next vehicle in Oakville, Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trade-In

Can I trade in my Toyota lease early?

Yes, you can trade-in your Toyota before the end of your lease. However, an early termination fee may apply. If you would like more information on your Toyota Trade-In and lease return, please refer to your lease agreement or give us a call on 647-362-0718

Will Toyota buy my used car?

Yes, we will buy your used car. Find out what your vehicle is worth with our Toyota Trade-In Value Calculator above. Simply complete this form with your vehicle details – year, make, model, and one of our Toyota experts will be in touch with you soon.