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Are you searching for new tires or a new set of rims? Try our easy-to-use Toyota Tire Finder for a list of recommended tires and rims for your car, truck or SUV. You can select your preferred tires, then choose to get an online quote or book a service appointment to have your tires installed by our technicians.


Best All-Season Tires In Oakville

Spring is in the air, and Oakville is ready for all the warm days ahead. You’ll notice a buzz around Oakville Toyota at this time of year, when everyone is coming in to replace their Toyota’s winter tires with all-season tires. Once the weather sits comfortably and consistently above zero, it’s a good time to make the switch.

If you have any tire-related questions, please refer to our FAQ section for answers to the most common queries asked by our customers.


What is the difference between all-season, summer and winter tires?

Summer tires have shallow treads that work best to grip, steer and brake on the road in dry and hot climates. However, when the temperature gets cooler or wet, the treads will wear out faster. Alternatively, you can expect a longer lifespan with all-season tires. They have deeper treads that perform better on wet or cooler roads. Deeper treads give tires a more dependable grip during those weather conditions. Winter tires are built with even deeper, durable treads that can dig into the snow and ice and still operate with improved traction, braking and handling. As a rule of thumb, winter tires should be installed when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius to maximize your safety in severe weather conditions .

Do you have an all-season tires sale?

Toyota is known to offer tire price matches throughout the year. Check out our Service and Parts Specials or contact us for the latest deals or rebates.

How much do all season tires cost?

Tires are not set at one price. Different factors like size, quantity and brand can affect the price. Also, tire manufacturers offer promotional rebates that provide you more value when you buy a set of 4 tires. Therefore, you have options to choose tires that fit your personal needs and budget.

Do you offer tire storage?

Yes, you can choose to store your tires at Oakville Toyota. Call us for special offers on storage or check out the specials here.

What brands of tires do you sell?

Fortunately, Toyota partners with 17 of Canada’s leading tire brands to provide you exceptional quality and service. Manufacturers regularly offer tire rebates when you purchase 4 tires – these promotions are all available through Oakville Toyota. Please contact us for details on current deals.

Do you need to change all four tires into all-season tires?

Yes, we advise that all four tires are changed at the same time and replaced with the same make, model and design. Once tires are installed, it is always recommended to have them routinely rotated to even out their wear, improve handling and braking, and extend their lifecycle.