Extra Care Protection

Extra Care ProtectionWith Extra Care Protection, your new Toyota has inflation-protected coverage from unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies, and much more. It is an affordable and cost-effective way to guarantee your peace of mind and protect your investment whether you buy or lease. It will enhance the quality experience of owning your new Toyota while helping to provide enhanced resale value in the future. Ask your Dealer for details regarding a plan that best suits your driving needs.

ECP Mechanical Protection

Invest in the future of your Toyota and ensure ultimate peace of mind with a Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP) Service Agreement. With added coverage beyond our already generous warranty, you can be sure that whatever unexpected hiccup may come up, we've got you covered!

In addition to extensive mechanical coverage, the ECP Platinum Service Agreement includes a number of additional complimentary services, including:

  • For vehicles with 12 months/16,000-kilometer oil change intervals, you’ll enjoy the first 3 Years of Maintenance Service Program* services
  • Trip Interruption and Travel Planning Assistance
  • Accident Towing and Emergency Road Service
  • Vehicle Rental Assistance
  • No Deductible

Plan Inclusions:

  • Mechanical Protection*
  • Maintenance Benefits Program*
  • Vehicle Rental Assistance*
  • Lockout Service*
  • Tire Road Hazard Protection*
  • Trip Interruption*
  • Travel Planning Assistance*
  • Fuel Delivery*
  • Mechanical Breakdown Towing*
  • Accident Towing*
  • Battery Boost*
  • Winching*

Plan Exclusions:

*Parts not covered are: all glass (mirrors, heated windshields and rear windows with defroster), fog lamps, lenses, sealed beams, lamps, light bulbs, tires (with the exception of ECP Road Hazard Coverage), wheels or wheel studs, trim, seat frames, convertible top, mouldings, weather-strips, bright metal, sheet metal, body parts (including frame), bumpers, upholstery, carpet, paint, brake rotors and drums, brake linings and pads, batteries and cables, manual clutch disc lining, pressure plate and bushings, throw-out bearings, catalytic converter (which may be covered by Emissions Control Systems Warranties), exhaust system, non-manufacturer installed accessories.

In addition, maintenance services and parts; including all lubricants and filters, belts and hoses, wheel balancing or alignment, any adjustments for air and water leaks, wind noise, squeaks and rattles, and alignment of bumpers, sheet metal, and body parts are not covered.

*The maintenance services do not include any items that require periodic replacement, such as engine air filters, cabin air filters, wiper blades, belts, hoses, or brake pads. The 36 MTH/48K maintenance service for specific vehicles includes Brake fluid replacement and/or transfer case fluid replacement which is required as indicated in the Toyota Owner’s Manual Supplement. Cabin Air Filter Replacement is included for Battery Electric Vehicles. Please see the dealer or ECP Service Agreement for full details.

Tire Road Hazard

ECP Vehicle Rental Assistance

Alternate Transportation reimbursement, for a maximum of 5 days, if your vehicle must remain at a Toyota dealership overnight due to a warrantable condition requiring longer than eight (8) hours to repair. Additional 5 days if parts are back-ordered, up to $400.

ECP is also fully transferable to a new vehicle owner if you choose to sell your Toyota or Scion during the term of your plan.

*Toyota Extra Care Protection plans for new vehicles do not cover maintenance items such as but not limited to: bulbs, trim, mouldings, glass, lenses, paint, exhaust system, brake pads, linings, upholstery, etc. These items are considered to be ongoing maintenance items and are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.